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Leo Live
Singer Songwriter
Founder of
Leo Live is a singer-songwriter, musician, recording artist, performer and entertainer. Leo started out on the London Camden indie circuit in the 90s with Lemonade Hand Grenade and Glycerine, and has wowed fans with his own band The Holy Sinners and with the popular Gloucestershire-based covers-band Over The Hill. From 2019 Leo has entertained audiences and shared his music as LEO LIVE.

As part of the World War 1 (WW1) centenary commemoration, in 2015, Leo was awarded a Heritage Lottery grant to compose and perform pieces with collaborative partner George Moorey called ‘WarSongs’. Based from research from the Gloucestershire Archives into the poetry of Ivor Gurney. 99 musicians – a mix of professional, semi-professional and schools and community groups – performed the pieces in the final performance at The Guildhall.

Since launching in 2018, Leo now also delivers personalised songs to people as gifts and is building a network of songwriters to be featured as Tuneriver promoted artists.

LEO LIVE loves to entertain audiences, support other musicians and share his music with people just like YOU!
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